Ranked Trying to save people who don't listen cause of ego's How do I help?

So I'm seeking some advice from the higher up people. I'm bronze one managed to duo with someone and carry myself out of bronze 4 to bronze 1. However my past 2 games I've just had both times a team member won't listen and they die every time. 1st game I carried hard went 13/1/8 as xin zhao had a morde who wouldn't listen when fighting against a sion. He would push up his lane right to the turret and then I would say "The kha Jungler is coming to top get back Morde" He just ignores I ping and then couple seconds later kha'zix is at morde and he's dead. And he would continue this cycle would the remainder of the game until I got fed and was over to take down sion and kha on my own at times. My 2nd game however I had a trist & Soraka vs a Vayne and sona. So they lost their 1st turret pretty quickly on and I told them to stay at their 2nd turret and farm. And to not push past it else they would die from the yi babysitting them. They both ignored and everytime they pushed down yi would be waiting and would kill them leading to the yi to be fed and then impacting on the other lanes. Yi ended at 23/3 or so. So my question is how can I deal with teammates who's ego is so high up their butts that they won't listen to reason or logic and lead to eventual purpose feed?
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