Make Ranked An LP Ladder

The frustration that comes with Ranked; The promo's and match making, seems to be at a problem because of inherit ranking and queue timer. What i think could easily fix these problems is turning it from it's current format of Ranks and Divisions to a Ladder system. Players play their 10 games as per norm, and gain proportionate amount of LP and then you enter a Rank of what correlates the amount of LP... So basically Iron: 0-499 Bronze: 500-999 Silver 1000-1499 Etc. This would solve the frustration of promos as well as the possible match making system, where the system places you with others in a certain bracket (Players only between 1000-1200 will be matched) I mean in general Silvers should only be Matched with Silvers but instead we have Iron's against Plats for whatever reason. Personally i think it would be better system and less stress for those who may with 5 games in a row, get to their promos and lose two times out of 3 because of Bot lane. Nobody cares about Divisions, atleast not in lower Elo.. Silver 5 and Silver 1 are still Silver. Just like 1000-1499 are, but atleast you can bounce between Silver and Gold easier instead of the constant pressure of Promotion and demotion just because of a 'best of 5' that really just makes players play worse at times.
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