If every champion was made like Yasuo!

C'mon people, lets get creative and make a bit of fun of Ritto, lets remake your favourite low-mid tier champs to God Emperor Challenger who reings in Ritto heaven Yasuo the only true master of skillshots and League of Yasuo. I will start with my crippled in last patch champion {{champion:14}} (Because this 30 damage after 2.25sec channeling was so broken) **[Q]** DECIMATING SMASH Now can strike critically and deals 175% critical damage if charged for 2.0 or more sec. _(To not make this another spam-friendly Q like God emperor Yasuo, lets just give him damage compared to 2 Yasuo's Q.)_ **[W]** SOUL FURNANCE Now blocks every projectile when active and cannot be destroyed by range attacks _(Sems fair, since you can only cover yourself)_ **[E]** ROAR OF THE SLAYER Sion can now dash to minion he pushed with this ability, but only once per minion or enemy _(Because it would be broken)_ **[R]** UNSTOPPABLE ONSLAUGHT Cooldown reduced to 40/36/32 because balance, damage was also reduced to 3/4 of Yasuo's Q, but when Sion hits an enemy, he knocks them up, gains 50% armor penetration, strike 3 times with his Q. **[GLORY IN DEATH]** Now instead Burst of speed on all abilities, he gain Yasuo's Q (100% crit with full gear) each 1sec.
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