Why do I find it so hard to climb?

Im SIlver 1, have been for a while, but never seem to progress. Every game, regardless of what I do, the outcome is the same. If I play aggressive, I get camped with no counterganks. If I play safe and wait for ganks, my jungle just ignores my lane and my laner takes towers. Sometimes I still get ganked even though I've been pushed completely, and I get dove. I play mainly nautilus/quinn top. I know Quinn is squishy and would therefore attract a lot of attention, and im fine with getting ganked, thats not the issue. My issue is that I'll be getting camped top lane or something, warding when I can and trying to play safe, but I get no response from my team. Usually results in me dying 2 v 1 and then the usual spam of 'feed' etc. I dont flame or beg for ganks from my jungler, but even when I'm playing nautilus, the king of cc, and my opponent is blindly pushing, my jungler doesnt take the opportunity to pick up a free kill, then flames when my laner gets farmed and becomes relevant. I occasionally play mid too, and its the same story. I push when I can, but usually have vision. However, when im sitting under tower needing help, my jung will run past me to his camps and farm. Then I have to make the choice of attempting to farm under tower and maybe get dove, or get no farm and be completely irrelevant. Its just getting to me because this happens so consistently, regardless of champion, role, etc. Is it my playstyle or something? I just dont see it.
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