All League's Problems

Through out many months of me playing LoL , i've noticed that am not having fun like i used to in day one, although each day am learning new stuff and getting better , buying champs, skins ..etc i kinda feel that am not really know , having fun or feeling satisfied. When you think of it , it's not me getting bored of the game , it's just many things that would make you feel like you are about to quit, i somehow managed to collect them and know them all. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Community ** Many people will agree with me, especially the ones in lower elos, there are many many many flamers and toxic people , no matter how nice you are if you make 1 mistake they will freaking flame you to death. We basically can't do sh^t about it , many people are giving advises but it's pointless , report system after game? there a low chance of them getting banned -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Champs? ** Although many people say (Skill>Meta) there are many champs that makes everyone tilt and rage , Zed, teemo, yasuo..... i mean those champs makes me feel like LoL is all about them and the **_MOST_** players of them are 100% brain dead since they spam them to win. Many people will call me salty but its true, i am salty , i cant recall the last game that i played which didnt include Yasuo in it , like cmon.... it's another reason why mirror lanes occur , Urgot vs Urgot lane? nah Yasuo vs Yasuo lane? almost every match ending up with enemy yasuo 12-0-1 and carries the game. Everytime Riot buffs,reworks a champ , 5 other dies.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Chatting system** I don't think its close to the community part , but sometimes a nice guy , corporating one player who speaks another language might mess up the game cause' you might not communicate well , am not telling you should learn 8 languages so you could communicate with your team lol, but i dunno how else you could fix it, maybe , maybe _it may sound stupid_ , a instant translator in LoL ....(kappa) * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Gamemodes** am not that salty guy who begs Riot (give URF back) but IMO i played too much Asenction, Legend Of the Poro king lol... and i kinda got bored of it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Instalocks** **_it could be the reason why i main support atm_** Instalocks at blind picks are annoying af , i ended up being a support main because of it **lol**, Maybe should Riot remove the (Lock in) button since it's kinda pointless, Or just add a reverse button **_(Unlock)_** , because , you dont know , many players just lock in their lanes, take ignite , feed , blame the jungler , repeat... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think that summs up _most_ of the problems we might face , but in the end , I want to say that I really appreciate Rito's efforts at their job and some of these problems arent theirs. Also i only stated my opinion which only occurs in low elo , Most of high ranked people dosent face these problems so they might disagree with me. Thank you for reading --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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