Heimerdinger needs lategame buffs.(read before freaking out).

I get it. Heimerdinger is hardly gankable and can be a problem in lane(especialy in lower elos). But he needs lategame buffs. Atleast in my opinion. You are free to argue and think otherwise but please provide information why do you think that way. Techmaturgical Repair Bots: This is the passive of Heimerdinger. This is the worst part of his kit.{{champion:74}} might be an old champion, but this passive is just stupid.. I totally like the concept of a cool yordle inventor battling others with inventions but this passive is random. It's almost as if it was randomly slapped onto him. (champion creating team while creating Heimerdinger. Okay guys, we finished the abilities, and everything else. We are ready to start coding him and stu... wait passive... ummm... no time... lets just make some health regen passive for a mage... why not??). You could move his passive which he has right now to his Q(making it an ability passive) What would I change his passive to: Protective mechanisms.(No cooldown. 5 second cooldown on Heimerdinger.)Every time Heimerdinger's turret fires a beam, it gains invulnerability for 0.5 seconds. So does Heimerdinger.(As stated earlier, Heimerdinger cannot gain this effect more often than every 5 seconds). His turrets become incredibly squishy lategame. And of course normal teamcomps have some sorts of AoE damage, making his turrets fall real fast: This is the biggest problem. His turrets need a health buff. Right now looking at the turrets I see this. (health)150 - 575 (based on level) (+ 5 - 40 (based on level)%AP) This is not much at all for lategame. It's not even s4 anymore so you can't reach ap anywhere near 1000 as easily. I don't now if this is too much but I'd atleast double the ap scaling ratio(5-80%). Maybe even 5-100% but I don't know if this would WORK because it's too hard to say on paper without seeing it ingame. But Heimerdinger can oneshot a squishy with RW combo. Why would you buff him more? RW is a skillshot, which can be bodyblocked. If you manage to hit the whole ult on a squishy, then I agree that it might be a oneshot. But other champions can do pretty much the same. Syndra for example. + hers is on-click. I'm not saying RW needs buffs but that RW is not a reason to not buff Heimerdinger. I think these buffs would be "Wonderfully efficient" as {{champion:74}} says :P So let me know what do you think about my ideas. Leave feedback :)
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