well done ! nerf Akali !

I 've played this game for 5 years and I' ve seen tons of nerfs. My main is Irelia so u must know what I' ve been through. Nerf is quite common for Riot. It can be a consideration of balance, too high ban rate, new items of new patch or whatsoever. It can be anything. They nerf just as they like and they dont have to take into account the feeling of players. I' ve never complained about that. I didn't even bother to write anything to express my disappointment. But this time I just cant put up with it any more. Many players main several champs in ranked game and so do I. When u release ur so called new patch, it is a nightmare for my rank game. I tried to learn some new champs but u just nerfed them to hell one by one. ok well done! I have to be very careful before I decide to take some champ as my main. Recently I began to play akali and gained a mastery of level 7. I wonder she 's been through hard nerf in recent pathces and she ' d remain untouched for quite a long time. Now it' really good. Here comes ur new patch .May I ask if I can refund the skin I bought caus I am quite sure that I ' d never play Akali ever again. Obviously I cant, caus all of us play this game on agreement of some terms made by riot. Technically, let' s discuss about ur update on Akali. PASSIVE first attack heal and second attack bonus dmg , first lvl cooldown 8 sec and full lvl cooldown 4 sec now better laning with heal but more difficult to do dmg caus double auto attack needed ! previously when she has 2 ap items and gains 240 ap, every single basic attack has that bonus dmg. now it needs a 4 sec cooldown and twice auto attacks. W now with a minor teleport I take it as buff. Now u remove pink ward and her W seems quite op. In lane I' d say ye she's stronger than before. But in teamfight she cant always hide in the smoke, and she has to do dmg. The moment when she uses QAAR combo, and remember she needs twice auto attack now, enemy team can cast lots of spells and cc on her. Invisibility cant make her untargetable. Let alone some spells like lee sin ' QE or a morgana Q can make her W fail. Still there are still lots of AOE spells in teamfight. It' s pretty stupid to imagine that Akali can hide in her W and stay safe and tight. E previously at full lvl cooldown 1 sec and dmg 130 , now cooldown 3 sec and dmg 190 is this not a nerf? only 60 more dmg in full lvl but more time needed for cooldown. It is impossible to main E anymore. ok Akali is an assassin so a half tank Akali is not supposed to exist in this game. U say u want more diversity but then u say u dont want some playstyle. It's like said u didnt want mage Gragas so all of us had to play tank Gragas. U decide how we play and u force all of us to play as u wish. R is the most undesirable change.base dmg and ap ratio hard nerf at lvl 6 when Akali used up all her 3 ults, the total dmg is 200 less than before. In late game dmg is even decreased by about 500-800. No dmg both in early and in late, even if u have full ap item built! No dmg! Do u know what that means? I want to ask the riot staff: Do u even play this game? Do u know what is an assassin ? I ranked in plat this season , not some high elo, but due to my understanding, assassin is the champ who can eliminate a target with his combo in mid term of the game, especially from lvl 6 to 11. Fizz, zed, or even Kat can get kill with their combo after reaching lvl 6. Now who can this new Akali kill with her combo? kill herself maybe? When she dashes to some target, it' s more like suicide. U say u update assassins to make this game better. I dont see any better in this. Is there any reason that an assassin with no dmg should exist in this game? Idk how other assassins are updated but poor Akali is nerffed again. What' s the point in this? Is akali too strong now ? Is she too op in top lane or mid lane? Maybe we should invent a new play style of main W and play tank Akali right? I admit that I ' m a stupid kid. I don"t need to get serious on this. I' fed up with it and I think I ' m done with this game . I know I am not the first and obviously not the last either. Riots dont care about it at all caus no matter how they distort this game, there ' d be still lots of stupid kids like me who keep on playing. I just want to say I really regret playing this game and how stupid I am. @riot

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