Who are these two?

Let your imagination flow. Is one of them a new champion? Is it a champion rework teaser? Are those new skins for 2 champions? Also if you read my theory then you are aweosome, give it a look :) **The woman shadow** looks like Caitlyn a bit. I also think that it might be the reworked Poppy. Don't laugh here, seriously she is shorter than the other shadow here. And when thinking logically, then the others would be taller than her too. Also there is a weird thing with a spike, which maybe resembles the shield of reworked Poppy? Maybe it's a cafeteria skin for some champion? Because it kinda looks like a chef outfit too. Idk there are multiply theories on the woman shadow. **The man shadow** Really no idea here. Anyways maybe it's some new Fighter champion? He has a staff or something in his right hand? Or maybe it's just the reflection of the glass. I'm not sure. I cannot relate the manly figure to any single LoL champion. Maye it's not even a human? But an elf or goblin or something. When I took a closer look then there is a sharper area which I circled out, which may mean that he has pointy ears, but again, it might be just play of the shadows or something else. Also when you look at his face structure, then you see that it wouldn't look very good for a human, because his forehead is big and his chin is really sharp. What are your theories? Leave a feedback on mine
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