Games played globally? Want to see if people are disappointed for real

Because of [**these reasons**]( I left this game. I come back to play just one game to test if it still sucks. If it is so I extend my absence by one more week exponentially (e.g. 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks etc.). Even though I refuse to play, I keep leaving my client opened, I still visit boards and read the nonsensical patch notes. I noticed that my friend list seems like a desert. Few people online and most of them are not even playing. All my premade friends left the game for reasons that are pretty much summarised [**here**]( Lastly I've never seen boards so full of "I quit" and complaints about the status of the game and YouTube and streamings are full of popular players leaving or blaming. I'd like to understand if it's just a coincidence or maybe this game at the moment is performing so badly for real. Is there a website or a way to see if people are actually playing less because they're disappointed like me? I want to see if we're going down especially during the last few patches. Thanks!

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