Recommend a champ for me to get me out of plat 3.

Ok guys, here is the thing. I want to climb like any other guy. I have my decently established pool of champs i can play. i find it pretty flexible ATM. Now, which of these heroes should be tasked with the sacred mission of giving me a division i desire? Here is what i play on daily basis: Top: {{champion:36}} - if i do not know what to pick, i pick Mundo. can do well in every matchup. {{champion:80}} - trying to stomp the lane oponent pre6. roam as much as possible post6. {{champion:14}} - when someone needs to be a tank in my team, i call this guy. push waves hard, recall, lanegank a teammate, tp back to lane and continue pushing {{champion:98}} - my first LoL love. Nerfed hard, bt i still like him. especially against right click champs {{champion:75}} - stack like crazy, solocarry, win a game, pick this guy blindly in the next match, get yourself into a negative matchup, ragequit after dying twice Jungle {{champion:154}} - you can never be wrong picking this guy {{champion:5}} - can do anything on his own. well, he is kited to oblivion tough {{champion:111}} - i guess i enjoy him more than i enjoy Zac. 4 qss is not enough for this guy. Weak to invasions however {{champion:113}} - i love her. she just makes me sad when no one follows. {{champion:11}} - "FU all, i will carry" i just do not remember the last time when i have carried with him Support: {{champion:12}} - the amount of Yasuo players basically force every support player to play the cow every now and then {{champion:143}} - after all if you do not carry yourself, no one else will carry you. flash combo and mute the adc if he complains about not getting an assist {{champion:16}} - the game plan here is simple- cross fingers and wait till the enemy team lose their minds. they eventually should. {{champion:37}} - when i cannot decide between Alistar and Zyra. Or i just feel like building a sheen. which one of the above is most likely to help me get the higher rank?
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