Low elo tips. Beeing fed in lane.

*OMG my team is so bad i went 10-0 vs that Irelia and my team feeds gg report cancer* SO you wanna know how to carry *noobs* so you don't lose LP? When you get fed in your lane DON'T just stay there and kill over and over and over again that laner who is worth 50g? all you gotta do is, *Take tower. *Get 2-3wards *Ward around mid *Start killing any idiot that aproaches the bushes *Give the kills to your teammates(unless you play a hard scaling champ) =PROFIT. enemy will be set back and they will start raging becuz toplaner has fed you and now they can't kill you. ALSO when you are really ahead dont just go full ad like an idiot get tanky and try to soak some dmg so your team can actually stay alive and comeback. This works wonder up to plat 2(maybe more but ppl start warding more at low diamond so you have less chances of getting free frags.)
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