Dynamic Que is ruining my Experience

So I wanted to take a moment a write my (not another meme) first post to Riot. I'm not a gamer who spends a lot of time on forums or the like so that might make my potion more or less important too you. For the last few days or maybe its weeks, it all blurs together, I've been having what seems to be a third or half of my losses when the other team is unbelievably organised. I check the team tags and the like or often its immediately obvious there are 2-3-4 people on the other team who are grouped up. With the communication advantage the difference is so massive the games are just horrible. Now the obvious answer is just get your own group, right? Right...? Not for me, I'm not a young gamer (30) and the majority of my friends either don't play games or don't play this game. The one that does is a such a different skill level (and a lack of interest in getting better, which is fine, you know their thing) that I cannot play ranked with them. Now I'm pretty sure most parents would want a older man over the internet trying to get into Voip with the 12 yr child (I hear that bad fort some reason) and that ignores the fact that I don't actually want to play ranked with others. I want to play SoloQ again, why do you force people into this situation of if you want to win, better team up. After looking this up it turn out you have buried the SoloQ for good? So sad, I really enjoy playing league, or I until this. Please re-enable SoloQ, at least give the Dynamic vs SoloQ a proper chance and see what people choose to play (when they have the choice of not playing vs the pre-mades. Much love and frustration.
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