Heimerdinger's Stun (E) has been nerfed into the ground. (Patch 8.24)

I've been playing Heimerdinger for years, and I've noticed the stun isn't lasting nearly as long as it used to. It now means champions like Jax can win against heimerdinger in a 1v1 even if you land your stun on him, because the stun pretty much instantly wears off, it's hardly a stun at all. In fact, if you miss the stun the slow actually seems to be more effective now than the stun. It's a problem because it means a lot of the champions Heimerdinger counters now counter him, because heim needs to bait people into his turrets and stun them to gain distance, he now can't do that because it basically wears off instantly. I just hope it's a bug and will be fixed because it wasn't listed in the patch notes that Heimerdinger's E was going to be nerfed, yet it is quite obvious in-game that it doesn't last nearly as long as before this patch. For example, Darius goes in to try hit you and you stun him and try to gain distance and win the trade. Now if you land the stun, darius can just grab you because it doesn't last very long at all and even if you hit the stun skilfully you are much more likely to lose the trade. It also means Heimerdinger is now less efficient at split pushing because he can't Ult with his stun for escapes, or even protect himself in his own turrets. The point of that stun is you can keep it as a threat so that if someone does get into your turrets they can be stunned and take a lot of damage and be forced to go back, right now that threat is non-existent which isn't good because Heimerdinger's turrets are weak and they need that stun protection. How it is meant to work is if you hit the stun you win and if you miss the stun the enemy wins the trade and takes some turrets out. But that is no longer the case and they can just take out the turrets without the stun threat now. Heimerdinger is also now less efficient in teamfights because he can't ult stun lock the enemy team. If he does ult stun all of the enemy team, the stun just wears off before people can do anything. Just to put into perspective how short the stun has become, I can stun an enemy champion and use W to shoot rockets at them and because the stun wears off so quickly the enemy champion can actually dodge the rockets even if they are fairly close to me. This is a broken system and the stun needs to be extended, because it is stupid that an enemy can still dodge W (rockets) after just being stunned because the stun is so short. What are your thoughts about this community? Mainly I want to know if riot intends to leave this stun heavily nerfed or if they plan on fixing it similar to how it was before.
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