Riot Games developers are so far from their game, Top Lane is broken and nobody cares.

1) Midlaners going top lane. Ekko, LB, Cassi etc. With Electrocute. Damage is unavoidable and impossible to sustain. All sustain sources are cut from game. Toplaners do not sustain at sll. 2) ADCs going top lane. Vayne, Lucian etc. Impossible to avoid damage, impossible to gank. One hundred jumps away, all stuns from game were removed. Tanks do not have CC, not enough damage to kill ADC, ADCs got giant HP. ADCs enjoy their HP regen in the same way top laners are. Why their HP regen was not nerfed? Why is it same for every champion? How the hell Ekko got his giant HP regen and it is not fixed until today? You poke Ekko, after few moments he got full HP bar again. Solution: Cut ADC Health, compensate with AA damage. Remove ADC control, put more CC into toplaners. Examples how to balance this: 1) If Mundo hits you with E you are stunned for 1 sec. 2) If Fiora hits you with W, you are stunned for 2 sec (if parried 5 sec). 3) If GP hits you twice with barrel or AA you are stunned for 1 sec (10 sec cd). Right now top lane is broken and nobody cares. They even nerfed Doran Shield, so it's not worth to buy anymore on top. Because Doran Shield HP5 bonus is flat, it is worth only on ADC. So Doran nerf was again - in favor of ADC players. All changes are in favor of ADC/mages. Large damage, insane scaling, insane HP. No way to prevent your team from feeding, so top lane role is so hopeless and useless. Unless you run 10-0 in 10 minutes, but on what elo - iron?? So there is no way to be useful, its a coinflip role (better botlane wins). Nerf of teleport, constant nerfs to all toplaners in row without any compensations. It's just ridiculous to be toplaner in this game. I played some of it and switched off for more impactful roles. Riot nerfed jungle, so all junglers today are stupid - nobody wants it, so there is totally no help if you stuck on toplane vs ADC, your jungler will never gank. Riot games does not help too, with their stupid MMR difference schemes - if you are playing good you are waste of MMD advantage, cause your botlane will loose, and is more impactful role. Buff Grasp! Buff 3-potion damage! Buff base HP regen of toplane champions! It is not sustainable to play top lane at all. Few pokes - you are dead or shoved back to tower for 200-300 gold worth of minions. Exactly like Hashinshin said. He is right.
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