POLL: Did contacting Riot's support ever helped you?

Hello community, i'm a little bit upset about Riots support. I want to discuss with you, if i am the only one who feels like this. It happens to me like 5 times a year, that matches go missing. No problem for normals, but its realy frustrating when its ranked -> no LP It happens to me sometimes here and there, that player flame and be racist in champ select (e.g. "pick champ XYZ you gay motherf"/%§" or "get cancer you piece of s*/&$") and someone leaves -> no game, no report in the aftergame summary All reasons to open a support ticket. But i only get responses like: > Hello _"insert Summoner Name here"_, > >_"insert random formal apologies here"_. >Some more information about the topic, i havent asked for (and which doesn't contribute to the case); but is nice to know. >We will forwarding this problem to the team, but we can't inform you about the outcome. >Feel free to contact me, if you have further questions. >The end. And the ticket gets marked as "solved". ...funny. "solved". Problem still exists. Just for fun. I tracked the ones who i reported by match history. They still play the game. They still wanna f"$% everyones mum and stuff like that. Other reasons why i opened the case. No help. **TL;DR** Did the support ever solved your case to your satisfaction or did they apologize and you just got tired and the problem still exists ?
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