Tell me Riot, why do you think that turning URF into a RANDOM PICK Mode is a solution? A solution to what actually, people were happy about the state of URF before making it All Random, there were bans, there were champions that you know you want to play and things, there were not any situations where you had to sit and watch your Monitor for 15 minutes or even 20 waiting for the Surrender Vote. This game mode is utterly frustrating, in most of the cases you either stomp or get stomped. This is not good, URF was WAY MORE BETTER THAN THIS THING YOU CALL IT AR-URF. WHY DO I HAVE TO JUST SIT AND WATCH VS ALMOST NO COUNTERPLAY OR VERY LITTLE ONE CHAMPIONS THAT LITERALLY STOMP THROUGH THE GAME. I would like to be able to pick combos with my team, and I would like to have a strong pick, rather than diceing for a Champion. Why aren`t you creating something like a Tier List for all the champions, so you can at least have balanced matches, both teams getting the same amount of champions from the same Tier. AR-URF is just a way to spend 20 minutes being frustrated, nothing more to those who have no luck.
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