RIOT explain me why you allow this!

Hi, **SINCE THIS SITUATION IS DISGUSTING I'LL KEEP UPATING MY POST WITH NEW INFORMATIONS UNTIL I GET A REPLY FROM RIOT** **▌HIGH DIAMOND ELO (DEMOTED IN PLATINUM) ▌8% WIN RATE - AVG SCORE 2.2/10.8/4.8 - KDA 0.65 ▌PLAYERS INVOLVED UNTIL NOW 351 ▌STILL PLAYING WITH NO PUNISHMENT** The in-game report is not enough. I am not saying it for fun. I am serious. In my last ranked game (diamon/platinum ELO) I had a Vladimir in top lane going 0/8. Ok, it happens but when we saw his profile we were all shocked. This guy is playing and ruining tens of high ELO ranked games since weeks with no punishment! Right now he's in another game that is already lost because of him feeding 0/999. He was high-diamond since 30 Aug with no activity during the next months then **SOMETHING** happened 2 weeks ago! 8% win rate in all ranked played by him before the boost and here are his scores: * Win 9/4 [still going on] * Win 7/9 [still going on] * Win 9/10 [still going on] * Lost 3/8 [still going on] * Lost 9/19 [still going on] * Lost 1/6 [still going on] * Lost 2/7 [still going on] * Lost 7/14 [still going on] * Lost 1/9 [still going on] * Lost 0/12 [still going on] * Lost 2/12 [still going on] * Lost 0/9 [still going on] * Lost 0/8 [MY GAME] * Lost 2/12 * Win 1/9 * Lost 6/12 * Lost 2/14 * Lost 2/11 * Lost 6/7 * Lost 1/9 * Win 3/12 * Lost 0/11 * Lost 2/11 * Lost 3/11 **MAGICALLY** he has the following win rates: * Over 70% with Skarner, Tham, Braum, Pantheon * Over 60% with Janna, Graves, Udyr, Soraka, Shaco, Ahri, Braum, Darius, Vi, Kennen, Annie, Malphite, Bard, Malzahar * Over 50% with the entire roster of League of Legends with few exceptions But for unknown reasons now he's "mastering" since 2 weeks the following champions: * 0% wins with Vladimir, Nidalee, Nunu * 8% wins with Singed I pretend an explanation from RIOT. I want to know why a boosted player is allowed to play for more than 2 weeks tens of faked ranked games ruining the experience of hundreds of players in diamond ELO with no actions taken. When I played with him probably he received 9 reports for cheating. Now I am talking with a guy who has just finished to play with him and they reported him too. I suppose that the same exact thing happened in all his ranked games during the last 2 weeks but he's still there. What the hell!? How many reports are needed for you to punish someone? Maybe the entire population of Rome? Anyway there's something more. He doesn't limit himself to ranked games. Also in normal games he's disgusting and terrible. 27% win rate with an average score of 4.9/10.2/7.1, a KDA of 1.18 and the following scores: * Lost 5/8 * Lost 5/15 * Win 2/7 * Lost 6/16 * Lost 2/8 * Lost 6/6 * Lost 7/14 * Win 16/14 * Lost 2/13 * Win 2/9 * Lost 4/9 * Win 7/4 * Lost 5/10 * Lost 2/9 * Lost 3/11 To me it's clear that he must be a new player with a bought account. He can't even play decently in normal games! **Update 1:** He started a new game now! He loses games so quickly that he can play 4 games per hour. He picked Singed... I already know the outcome. **Update 2:** Guess what? Lost 2/12 and still playing. I added one guy that was playing with him and he confirmed that he has been reported by everyone of his team and probably enemy team too but he's still there. **Update 3:** New day new ranked games: 0/12, 1/9, 7/14. The win rate with Singed and the global win rate is now 9%. I'll keep updating this post until I get a response from RIOT. I also want to underline that this is not intentional feeding. I played with him and I've spectated several of his games and he's simply unskilled or maybe he's just a good actor that is trying go back to platinum for unknown reasons without getting reports for int feeding. He's even correct and polite. When one of my team mate asked him wtf was his problem he answered with something like "Come on, it's just a game". **Update 4:** I keep adding people who played with him and they all confirm me that they've reported him massively but he's still playing. I am literally shocked. Until now this guy has ruined the game of 315 players. Now I don't want to say that he received 351 reports. Let's be optimistic. Let's say that he has never received a report from enemy team even if I really doubt that. 175 reports are left. Now let's suppose that some of his team mates forgot to report him. What about 130 reports? Nah, I want to ruin myself, let's make it 100! How on earth with a super-optimistic number of 100 reports in such a short amount of time doesn't give you any form of punishment meanwhile streamers with just ONE game tilting and int feeding receive 14 days of ban. There's something broken in this. **Update 5:** 3 months are passed. Guess what? This guy is playing and ruining ranked games also in this season. Nice job RIOT. Now I am officially pissed off. I'll never trust you anymore. You don't deserve it. Still waiting for an answer.
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