Most broken champ now? (my types after 3 months)

Yes, no champion is broken, it just human factor and reflex. But I mean when some champions are good fed, they just unstopable even 5 vs 1. Not every fed champion can handle 1 vs 5 (95% cant) But some CAN! When Fed 1 vs 5: 1. Fizz - he just delete enemy team in 10 seconds and I dont even see how he doign that so fast... 2. Win Nhao - when good fed, good luck. He is a MONSTER and kills everything :(( 3. Graves/Jinx/Vayne - They equally broken when fed for me, just unstopable. 4. Trynda - LOL cant believe, but trynda is either a useles garbage or super monster with 30/0 , depends how he start. 5. Garen - YES, with 5k hp he is like King Poro where team hides behind and last game he had pentakill, seriously, does garen have any counter... 6. Gankplank - he is 100% ban so I dont mind him he just shouldnt exist. 7. Mordekaiser + dragon/baron WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFf
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