Opinion on Morgana's Update

Hey all, Just wanted to put my concerns/issues with some of the new Morgana stuff. Voice: Taliyah's voice on another character does not make for good communication when you have trouble distinguishing which one it is. She uses darkness for justice, you'd expect some lower tone/raspy voice not cheery Taliyah trying to go emo. Blackthorn: My original favourite skin, the leaf trail, the root dress, everything about it was awesome. The rework has made her model look more Dragon Swain than twisted nature. The wings need some details as currently they look like weird orange dragon skin. The model overall just lacks detail compared to the others. Blade Mistress: Only small issue I have is her ult chains dont change, I thought they'd be more spiky/dangerous looking since she's made of spikes of metal. VIctorious: Not one that I own, but overall her wing colour scheme is all wrong, I get that they're meant to be blue yellow and royal purple but stick it elsewhere. It feels out of place when all her skills are yellow/blue and her giant wings are bright purple and covering the model. Lunar Wraith: Love the new version, only thing I'd nit-pick is the wing colour during ult is a bit too white, her scheme is Jade and the wings just dont do that justice during the duration of her ult. Compared to the vibrancy of the other skins, her wings here seem to be lacking. Overall, Im really happy with the visual side of Morg's update, though there's a lot to be said about the rest. These are just my opinions and dont expect anyone to really care for them or Riot to even take them into account. Just needed a place to put my voice.
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