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Hi everyone! Since Senna just got released, I think I'll share my thoughts and I'd be interested in what the community has to say about her. In my opinion, she is a very well designed and overally interesting, unique champion to experience and have. Now I won't say she is definitely PERFECT, because I do find that she could use some adjustments to her gameplay, but for starters, this looks so promising. Just to show you the weight of this statement of mine: I've been an Orianna main for 7 years and a Liss/Diana secondary for like 3 years now - and although I do have other beloved champs in my pool - these 3 were my favorites for so long. Senna is something I've been unconsciously waiting for all this time. She's most definitely not gonna become my main, but this character just fullfills an unspoken desire of mine: a hybrid damage and utility support, truly. Her build path is just... intriguing in itself. Changes I would like to see: - Lower her damage numbers a bit. Ult seems totally fine, even when I was fed, it dealt fair damage. However, in some cases, it seems like a full AA-W-Q-AA combo deals unreasonable damage. Especially when W has a fairly low cd with very low mana cost. W is not the issue here, that seems just fine, but something in the overall calculations seem to be just a TINY BIT overtuned. - Lower her droprate on passive. it just seems unnecessary and overdone. She already has good range, so getting them from enemy heroes isn't gonna be a problem. Just a little tuning here. What I would definitely keep untouched: - Her CDs. Damn it feels satisfying to play this character. She has absolutely fair cooldowns, I would not touch them by any chance. Finally a character that actually rewards good usage of careful positioning and well timed spell activation. - Her diverse scaling. The scaling sources are well thought out. She can take almost any item in the game depending on playstyle. This is awesome and shouldn't be changed. The build I had most success with: ({{item:3303}} start) {{item:3142}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3092}} And boots of choice whenever needed to purchase. Honestly, this character just feels good to play and is rewarding. I've never liked marksmen (besides Sivir), but I won't shy away from picking support ever again. At least I have someone to complement my lacking pool of supp champs. Share your thoughts down below, I'd like to read them. Have a good day and have fun playing Senna!

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