Champion releases have been really lackluster as of late... (Basically a hitpiece on Qiyana)

I've felt like ever since the release of Pyke every new champion has been really boring, or atleast unimaginative. This mainly crossed my mind when I earlier today finally decided to look into how Qiyana works, and it made realize how she just might be the worst designed champion riot has ever released. For instance, even though the concept itself about a Avatar the last airbender character is sort of interesting the way it was executed was just down right shit. The way she picks up an element that proceeds to have an effect on her other abilities is a really fun idea, but her whole kit is just two dashes, a skillshot and an ultimate that basically Cc's everyone who is near the wall she ults while throwing someone to the wall. Not only is her kit bland, the animations or should I say the effects the animations leave behind just look unfinished at best... they're ugly, is what I'm trying to say. And the worst part of all on my opinion is her visual design... riot, what the f*ck? I'm actually really really angry over how garbage her visuals are, atleast the last few champion had personality but Qiyana is just some Thicc Ass B*tch with a hula hoop and a dress... When Qiyana was released only like month and a half after Yuumi I expected her not to be anything special but oh how wrong was I... she is specially horrible. And I do admit, I have not read her lore yet but that is for the very same reason I'm here making a childish rant about her... I find her so boring that I simply refuse to put myself through reading her most likely garbage lore. Just dissapointed... Anyway sorry for wasting your time with my angry post, I just needed to get it out of my system one way or another. Have a good one :) {{sticker:poppy-wink}}

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