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Hi guys, I guess I've just come here to vent in part but also to maybe try to understand a little bit more about the hidden MMR or ELO system and how it actually works. I've been playing League on and off for almost five years now but more consistently over the past year or so. I had an old ranked account that seemed absolutely doomed, it was even permabanned at one point, only for Riot to realise that they'd made a mistake and it was overturned. I was a much worse player when I started playing ranked and so obviously my MMR would've been pretty hellish anyway as I figured out more about the game and I think that the ban did group me in with a certain queue of players which made it more likely to get trolls, flamers etc. I know this because at one point I did eventually get a message saying 'your behaviour has improved and so we're placing you in a different queue'. And yeah I was partial to also returning some of the flame I received back then, which I no longer do. After spending months loitering in Bronze 1 and yo-yo-ing between Bronze divisions, I had finally had enough when I got demoted down to Bronze 2 after a couple of relegating games including toxic trollers and afk'ers. I figured that it would be virtually impossible to climb out into a respectful division, without spending hours and hours grinding the game to get lucky enough to be able to string together some meaningful wins. Now, I know what you're thinking - that I was indeed a crappy player and I deserved to be where I was, I thought maybe I could be a crap player but how about I start up another account and see what happens? I started up this account and bought a XP boost so that I could return to ranked fairly swiftly, in this time of playing normal games I kind of just went 'back to basics' and my game improved a little bit along with my mentality but not that much as I was just playing uncompetitive normal games. As I hit level 28/29 I noticed I was beginning to be paired with high gold and platinum ELO players, obviously by this point I was improving because I was playing with people above my skill level and I was having a much more positive experience from the game (even in a normal) knowing that I could depend on my teammates to make certain plays, troll less and carry a fundamental understanding of the roles. Flame still happens at that level of course but people are generally more coherent and willing to come together to make a win happen (IMO). My first ranked placement game I won, afterwards I checked my opponents/teammates ranks out and they were all in low plat-high gold leagues, the next game I lost, then won two etc etc. I ended up with a 6/4 win ratio out of the 10. I deserved to lose three of them but one of them was pretty unlucky with a shaco support. Having said this I was placed into Silver 2 which I found disappointing, having had to play my games against people who were almost entirely within Gold, even a couple of Plats and one or two high silver players from time to time. It didn't make sense to me that I could WIN the majority of my games against solid Gold players and then be placed 5/6 tiers below the opponents that I was beating. Since starting in Silver 2 I've found my teammates much harder to work with, you can check my match history and yes I have had 4 bad games myself. For me those are the exception though and I wouldn't have been the stand out worst player on my team, with the feed starting somewhere else before snowballing. My K/D/A doesn't tell the whole story as when you'll look deeper at some of my heavy losses, suddenly my 1/5 will start to make more sense alongside the support/adc who had 1/10 etc. I still understand I can always improve and every death is my own fault etc etc, but having now been on this losing tilt through silver and yeah due to a lot of factors that I couldn't control I am beginning to get frustrated again and struggling to see any light at the end of the tunnel. I was comfortable playing with higher ELO players and felt like I could expect a certain level of performance from them. A lot of people say that if you play 1000 games then it'll eventually even out because that's Math, however I am never going to play 1000 games in a season and even if you did you could be unlucky and get 4/5 bad games in a row and that sends you onto a downwards spiral that is difficult to climb out of unless you are a diamond player in silver for example. Once stuck in this negative cycle your own game also gets worse, people go three or four deaths behind (as a team) by 10 minutes and then 'ff 20' in chat, I try to pep the team up and say come on guys this is a totally winnable game, just play a little more defensive and be opportunistic. Instead the main Yasuo will keep pushing his lane, not ward and get continually ganked or try to 1v1 his fed opponent under the tower and die, then flame me in chat saying 'why no ganks'. Anyways sorry for the long post, just wanted to see if anyone else had any similar experience with the game and match-making system.
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