What Champion Would You Like To See Reworked?

Before we start, I'm talking about reworks, not reverts. With the imminent Panth rework and the Fiddle/Volibear reworks on the horizon, I got to thinking what other champions could use a rework. We're pretty much at the end of the list of "outdated" champions by now so who's next? After a bit more thinking (and a few games against said champion), I finally pinned down who I'd want next on the ~~chopping block~~ rework list; Jax. Yeah, I know this going to have people calling me salty, and you know what? You're right, I am. Fighting Jax is extremely frustrating. He is tanky, has DPS AND burst, is pretty damn mobile and can render auto attackers useless while he caves their skulls in with a stick. Fact is, he's a big ball of numbers and, outside of the above greivances, I feel it does a massive disservice to a champion with the tilte "Grandmaster at Arms". He's not showing any real prowess with the weapon he's using, he's just bludgeoning you to death like a neanderthal wearing a poncho. I'd love to see something done to him that actually shows off his abilities as a master of weaponry, like a whirling dervish of blades and spears, whilst also giving meaningful counterplay for his opponents to play around. What about you guys? What champion would you like to see changed?
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