DuoQ players being bumped up a tier

A genuine question, why do they get bumped up a tier. Has one last night where Silver 4 players were playing in my Gold 4 game. The result? 0-6-0 qiyana and something like 1-5 Lee in about 10 minutes. They refuse to try and defend to claw their way back, don't communicate that the 9-0 akali has headed botlane, etc etc. I simply do not believe that the "improved communication" you gain by playing as a duo warrants knocking you up that much. I imagine the winrate for duos is well below 40%, as the gap in general competence is just so large and the game is so snowbally. Does Riot want to discourage duos, or why does this silly setup keep up? Edit: I just checked, the qiyana was Silver 4, Lee silver 1, so not an entire tier, but tbh lee was a boosted animal if he was silver 1
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