About the DynamicQ Complaints.

Lyte:"We've upgraded the Report System to completely wipe out the power of Premade 4 reports ganging up on a player, and given the solo player "equal power" reports in this scenario. We're going to try everything we can to make Dynamic Queue a great experience. Please give it a chance." Please stop giving up on new things that you haven't even seen yet. They are developers and can change things whenever they want to. If it has 1 flaw instead of 5 then it is still better than the current "Insta-lock/Troll ban" queue we have right now. Just wait until it is released on LIve (or play on PBE if you possess an account there) and after you've played it, give them feedback. Right now it's simply not going to change anything. It will be released anyway and your arguments will be unobjective. Thanks for reading! -LightTrack
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