Help with builds for Ashe/Lissandra/Sejuani?

I am planning on maining these three but I don't know what to build. What might work one game against bots could utter fail against other (Two losses... 2 v 5 is fun they said...) Anyway, I will give a quick run down on what I normally get for each champion, in order as I get them. Ashe: {{item:1042}} and will save up for {{item:3006}} before focusing on {{item:3085}}. After that, I focus on {{item:3031}} which leads to {{item:3508}}, then {{item:3046}} and finally {{item:3072}}. Normally the game ends just a little after Critical Edge is obtained. Lissandra: I can't deny she is so mana hungry early game so I often focus on getting {{item:1027}} and {{item:1004}} so it can build into {{item:3070}}. I only return with 575 gold so I can also get {{item:1001}} which goes into {{item:3158}} and I start focusing on {{item:3165}}. After that, I never have a set plan and always switch between items. Often I go for {{item:3001}}. Sejuani (Top): I go straight for {{item:1001}} if top lane and focus that onto {{item:3047}} before beginning to focus on {{item:3068}} and then {{item:3083}}. After that, depending on the situation, I'll focus on either {{item:3001}} or {{item:3742}}. Sejuani (Jungle): Not got any experience with this one bit but here is what I go for {{item:1041}} with {{item:2031}} to begin with and as it goes on, I go for {{item:1414}} before going onto the same path as mentioned above. Question is... are any of these builds viable against human players? Considering trying to 3 v 5 bots is next to impossible once they are at your base...
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