Warding Support

Hey peeps, So i was wondering what people think about allowing support to drop more than 3 stealth wards at a time or even allow them to drop as many as they want giving supports a higher utility role and allowing them to carry team who dont know how to ward or dont care about warding. I would ask for more controll wards but i think 1 per champion is enough. Although how about a Ward cap for your team so you could place as many wards as you want and if your team mates arnt using them atleest the support could get those missing wards down. Or maybe just for Bot lane to share a cap so the Sup can put down all 6 allowing the adc to focus the lane and pick up a different trinket. Thanks for reading Edit: OK I have been reading your posts throughout the day and this seems to be best sugestion so far. i like the idea of {{item:2302}} {{item:2303}} {{item:2301}} {{item:2045}} {{item:2049}} items having a link effect such as {{item:3109}} and allowing them to use the others ward limit. This would only let the Sup put down 2 more wards freeing up the ADC to take a different trinket ?
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