Players lying when pointing out their mistakes.

It happened again. I'm playing adc and my support is playing Soraka. We fight with enemy bot lane. Soraka heals me. I continue autoattacking. Both adc's get really low. I'm confident that I will get heal soon. Then I just die. - "dude, why dont you heal me.." - "heal was on cooldown" - "yeah right......." - "wtf dont blame me for your mistake" Ok, if you say so. It was on cooldown. But, when I watch the replay I see way too familiar thing: the heal off cooldown. It was off cooldown for 3 seconds before I died. Why the hell can't she just admit that she failed up? Things like this happen so often with Sorakas. They simply do not heal me when we both are at half HP. Instead they go for Q poke but they get Sivir Q in the face and lose 3 times more HP they get from their Q. Like, you are healer, why don't you heal your adc and let him do the damage? This is what I do as Soraka and it just works so much better than Soraka doing the poking. Well, I guess they sometimes support autofilled adc's who can't do poking very well.
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