Is League of Legends Really Getting Destroyed By Riot

Let's go back in time to the previous preseason. Riot said back then that their main focus is champion and jungle diversity. They planned for that because the community especially adcs, supports, and tanks got fed up of the dominance of assassins at that time (zed, akali, fizz, regnar, khazix, talon, etc..) and the LCS back then is the prove to what I am saying. After season 4 ended, we came with big hope that the game will be balanced. Riot made their changes and the result was, fighters can now oneshot adcs (especially ww) and jungle tanks got more and more outclassed. Everyone started raging and we lost our hope in Riot's ability to balance the game. Later during the season, Riot introduced cinderhulk, runeglaive, and devourer. Then, Riot started making adjustments to them until we really felt that there is true champion diversity. We started seeing new champs picked up and becoming popular in ranked games. And through the rest of the season, we were surprised with the diversity of champs in LCS matches (before worlds). Then Riot saw the Juggernauts (Garen, Darius, etc..) are still outclassed. So Riot decided to bring them into the Rift and give them damage depending on the kiting potential as a counter play to them. But the problem was adcs weren't able to handle them, so Riot saw that adcs must have more ability to kite in order to handle the Juggernauts and thus keeping them from having the adjective of OP. So with the current preseason, Riot is trying to rework the adcs. Obviously, with the new items, many champs will be affected. I mean did you see the new Jax with the {{item:3124}} and {{item:3146}}? Did you see the damage and the heal? So fucking OP. Did you see the new Yasuo? Did you see the well played jungle graves? Oh my god, this game is so unbalanced Riot had completely ruined it just like last preseason. But wait... Riot had proven to us through actions last season that they care about the game balance and can achieve it. But no one can achieve something from the 1st time without mistakes. So to those of you who say: Riot, you are doing a good job in ruining this game. I say: Riot, you are making a progress in achieving more and more game balance. Last but not least I would like to share with you a true story. An inventor (can't remember his name) once was told: You are a looser, after so much time, you haven't achieved anything, you have failed to invent what you planned to. He replied: I have not failed, I have discovered 999 ways that does not lead to the solution, now I knew what might lead to the solution and I will focus on. In the end, he did it and invented the lamp. Edit: Thomas Edison is the inventor of the lamp. Thanks to summoner TigerFist for reminding me :)
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