is new nunu op?

I only need predator boots, a finished ap item and i can one shot people with just W? at least old nunu needed a full charged ult to achieve that this is bad and good news to me since i play nunu myself but i find it quite difficult to play anything else now in bot lane that doesnt have a point and click cc or i'll be constantly chuncked out of 70% of my hp with one snowball every time he enters lane .. an ability he can spam btw first time i see an ability that rewards player for leaving their lane.. tl;dr: rip ahri/katarina/annie support please dont say dodge his snowballs because i am bronze and i suck at dodging besides a half decent nunu will constantly adjust his snowball direction when you try to avoid it until it hits you (I just checked his abilities page and his ap ratio's on W are mediocre so i am kinda confused) inb4 "nice shitpost" or "i had a good laugh reading this" i am dead serious. I think new nunu is op. Link for proof because sometimes you guys make someone doubt himself and feel crazy yeah he's not op at all probably just in my tiny head lmao notice how he ignores turrets damage and just dive you for a guaranteed one shot hmm balanced
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