Poppy's Ult is hilarious

Thank you Riot for adding this, its so funny to watch people go flying halfway across the map backwards. One of the greatest abilities you have ever made and I don't even play her! Poppy is a great example of good balance, she is powerful and a good anti-assassin bruiser but she doesn't feel too oppressive and her shield mechanic is very good for counterplay, as you can run over and step on the shield. She feels really skillful and fun to play. I haven't played her but she feels good playing with or against her. Now, you just need to give; {{champion:157}} and {{champion:67}} the same fun treatment because their kits arn't fun to play against at all. The {{champion:16}}, {{champion:14}}, {{champion:26}} have all been really fun with a fair element of counterplay, {{champion:114}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} and {{champion:18}} reworks have not had these same "fun" elements as the other champions. Well {{champion:114}}'s "Grand Challenge" is a rather cool ult, if it wasn't for her rediculous damage numbers, it would not be that bad and could be just as fun.
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