Evelynn Jungle Clears

I bought Evelynn recently and I love her advanced stealth mechanics. The thing is, her early jungle clears are just soo horrible! I start with blue. My toplaner helps me but still after I kill it I have 1/5 of my health left. Next I'm heading for Gromp. I smite it and kill it eventually, although I get out with 1/4 of my health. I'm going for wolves, and I can't kill them, I have to run away and recall, almost dying. How can I survive that first 10-15 minutes before I get my Runic Echoes? I know Evelynn is more of a Midgame-Lategame champion, but how can I get through her awful early game still maintaining a good farm ratio and getting some kills off of ganks? Any help would be really appreciated! CiomkaRU

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