// Matchmaking logic in League of Legends.

I'm so done with LoL's matchmaking, I'm silver IV, which is closer to bronze than it's gold and I still get into matches with platina, diamond and even the master players. Few days ago I played with couple of my friends who also were silver and what we got to our team was a bronze player and the enemies had full platina team. And obviously we couldn't stand a chance against them. It's been like 84 years since I've had an actual legit match against other silvers or golds. I'm silver for a reason, it's the second lowest tier and I know I'm not that good, even after selling my soul to this game 4 years ago, I'm still not good. But it hasn't been a problem till now. I'd rather wait an hour to get to a legit game than go into a game where I seriously can't stand a chance. Same goes to ARAM, I might have won 500 games, but I'm still not as good as diamond players. Riot says in their matchmaking guide that they are trying to _"create fair and competitive matches"_ So Riot. _What's good?_ [http://i.imgur.com/WtmfTZ2.png](http://i.imgur.com/WtmfTZ2.png) EDIT: My girlfriend went to queue with her gold IV friend..? {{item:3070}}
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