Riot please stop releasing new champions

There is about 2 or 3 trilion existing glitches in the current game, some ranging from specific champions, others all the way to big stuff like Ai bricking, autoattacks not procing, autoattacks proccing when they are NOT supposed to, people randomly healing insane ammounts of health under grievous wounds or not healing anything cuz of wrong visage calculations. I could go on for hours, maybe days And now u release yummi, and im like okay, WHO needs this, but fine, they do need to keep the game sorta fresh even tho no one plays these new champs but i guess its good for reddit and newsletters cloud. But people dont need new champs, they want glitches fixed, they want their main champ to no longer get hit by skillshots they dodged cuz hitbox is glitchy, or die to 1v1 they are supposed to win cuz autoattacks are glitchy. But today i go to store to check skin sales and i see a "quiyana" or something, champion.... what??? there is a new new champion?? when did they release this? i do follow lol news and i had no clue how this thing got into the shop... so yeah, at that second i realized. Riot just released 2 champs in 1 month, but fixed none of the issues the game has for 8+ years.... STONKS Its actually amazing to me that Warcraft3 Dota ALLSTARS has better programming in almost every way than League. Developed by a small team on a 17 year old game engine, stil do better job than a multi bilion company. And hey, game is fresh after 17 years with no new champions added for idk how long BIG HMMM???
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