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Been thinking about a champion idea. Pretty much have the kit of the champion down. Need help for naming him. Passive: Half and Half. Can control fire and ice. Can freely swap between ice and fire elements at level 11. At level 1 he has to choose between one. Mana bar replaced by a meter. It fills up when he uses abilities. When the meter if full and element chosen is ice, he gains a debuff called frostbite i.e. a permanent movement speed slow. Only way to get rid of this is a) avoid it by not spamming abilities b) if it reaches full then he has to switch his form for a health cost. If chooses fire, the debuff is called overheat where a percentage of his damage will hurt him instead. To get rid of it, swap forms automatically or avoid. Ice abilities: Q: As the enemy moves, they leave a frost zone behind. His abilities do more dmg if any enemy other than the one who is hit, steps in the zone. Also an aoe slow. W: Auto attack buff: When he last hits a minion, a shard of ice is launched behind the minion. If used on an enemy in the frost zone, the shard enlarges and does aoe dmg. E: Creates a cage of ice in which not more than 1 enemy champion can enter(skillshot of course) the cage is regular terrain, not like Camille ult. If they get caught, and he is in the cage too, then his attacks do bonus dmg. Also if the cage is created in a frost zone, then he gains permafrost i.e. he can spam abilities without the meter filling. Fire abilities:need suggestions please Q: Touches the ground, after delay, a straight line of fire damages enemies. W: Blink to a location. Long cd E: Need help A combined R: Briefly becomes an embodiment of pure energy, being able to harness both ice and fire simultaneously. R to toggle between forms. Different abilities can be combined for insane flashy plays and cool Super Saiyan like animations. Guys help me name the champ, abilities and if you like it, someone from Riot who monitors this, can you please make such a champion??
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