How to win a game of trolls. (Shen Main)

So I just played a Game of Shen in normals. (Please ignore the fact that it is normal) And got in a team with trolls and weird players, the enemy team also had very weird team so it should have been an equal game. here's the full link of it As you see by the gold graph we was ahead with 10k gold at 22 mins and was at the enemy base and wanted to finish. But instead of finishing My team **forced** skirmishes within the enemy jungle which lead to a crushing loss. And that point I saw we were about to throw the game so I told my team "Ima Push bot and you guys are gonna do baron". I pushed and dragged the whole enemy team onto me and there was no way they could contest baron, But instead of doing baron they took farm and ignored it. So as soon they noticed my team on the top side they started going there. This is where my team started another skirmish instead of finishing baron and lost. I couldn't do much about it since I wasn't excepting my team to force a fight instead of just taking an objective and leaving. These "Forced" fights continuously happened and even if I was 6/0/13 with a high amount of CS, how much can a Shen do with a split team. Sure I killed ezreal and Brand Multiple times when I was 1vs5, but that didn't stop the enemy from taking objectives. Also Don't think I didn't use my ult. I used my ult on teammates who were furtherst back, just to join the fight. Cause If I put my ult on the frontlines they would just get bursted and my tp would be wasted. But even with my ult and me by them they still decided to throw away their lifes for a fight that shouldn't happened in the first place. At the last point we had achieved 2 kills within 13 skirmishes and lost the game cause my team refused to stop doing skirmishes. How do I deal with this? This was around silver-gold Elo so it should be possible to fix this problem.
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