How to play Vayne if your support is weak and you fell behind

In the upcoming (oh wait, it's already there) tank meta everyone tends to build pure HP and this Metallicize plate, so that's where my Shauna V. comes in. I main ADC Vayne, do sick plays and carry games (btw how to share highlights?), but she is very heavily reliant on her support. If your Thresh/Blitz secures you 2-3 kills in lane - you won (not your support, you yourself); however sometimes the bot lane matchup is so difficult (Vayne+Zyra vs. Fortune+Teemo) that it's the enemy ADC who gets early kills. Emphasize - not the mf-teeto lane was the problem, but my below-low skill support zyra. So on 15:00 and 1/2/1 i bought vayne's powerspike (bf+statikk), which is a very bad timing (i warned my team in chat before: if i get these items at 10:30 or earlier, i win 1v9). And as the game went on, i was descending and descending up to 4/14/4! Even my feederino zyra had better stats. Furthermore, support Teemo with Gunblade build deleted me several times with Flash(or invis)+Gunblade+Q+1 auto. SUPPORT INSTAGIBBED CARRY 4 TIMES. I don't know, i was playing literally in the same way that i did in 25/3/15 games... Maybe the problem is Shauna herself - she cannot comeback at all?
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