My idea is the talon to get him more skins and change moves deal no easy to play make play hard talon is challenge for 7 levels talons add fingers and most of them are bored I believing thx rito:) Pls talon is my main and talon mains is understand me I believe look rito stats talon pls give talon fingers and skills why talon level 2 combo and the strongest mid lainer for me pls make the champion more difficult. Passive:talon abilities wound enemy champions and epic monsters every time they deal damage lasting 6 seconds and stacking up to 3 times.Talon next basic attack against enemies with 3 wounds consume them,causing them to bleed for 75-245(based on level)(+200% bonus AD)Physical damage over 2 seconds,with each tick occurring every 0.125 seconds Talon Q: Target Range:575 cost:30 Mana CoolDown:8/7.5/7/6.5/6 Physical Damage:65/90/115/140/165(+110% bonus AD) Critical Damage:97.5/135/172.5/210/247.5(+165% bonus AD) Talon W:Target range:650 cost:55/60/65/70/75 Mana CoolDown:9 seconds Physical Damage:50/65/80/95/110(+40% bonus AD) Return Physical Damage:70/85/100/115/130(+60% bonus AD) Slow:40/45/50/55/60%. Talon E: Target Range:725 cooldown:2 on target cooldown:160/135/110/85/60 Talon R: Effect Radius:550 cost:100 mana cooldown:100/80/60 physical damage:90/135/180(+100% bonus AD) Bonus Movement speed:40/55/70%

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