LoL < Dota 2

i say this because ,the players in dota 2 have more fun , they have better champions skills , i don't know if you notice or not , but Riot time of 4 seasons push only heroes who need aiming skill , not that many abilitys of the type select a hero ability and hit it in the area you wish , on the target you wish. Which is very disappointing , for the mass of new players ,everyone finds hard to hit every skill , and is more much based on luck this game... , because aiming skills ain't that great , well may be great into diamond divisions ,but playing a game with a gold player who miss every skill ,and when you have the oportunity to kill a player and your support or a mage miss them skills .. , is just driving you to frustration . Is not just that ,overall this game , depends so much of aiming skill ,and everyone tend to be bad on predicting or having any idea how to hit abilitys in a way to catch enemy if they try to dodge or not .. , and i see some players missing with 3-4 gaps , big gaps the skills... , or who waste mana for air... . If thinghs would be more simple ,this game would tend to be funny again ... , but riot rework every hero and turn it into aiming skill abilitys ,thinghs not stoping here ,because every hero they do have skill shot abilitys .The only problem is that being new to this game ,don't make the thinghs to be easy to learn , every champions takes too much to be extremly good at it ! , so this game lands to poor quality gameplay , if you ain't great in all aspects of the game .. . The rest of thinghs i hate , is when the toxicity starts to kick in when you miss skills, i mean i hit most of the targets as adc... , but sometimes toxicity is there... , i am extremly good ,and i get credited for hiting a target long distance ,but i one feel like is nothing to me ... , i don't give myself that much credit because once i learn aiming skill , is just tend to be boring ... , you know every time you aim for something you will be close to hit your enemy , you learn to follow much more than you usually do , and to be that good at hiting your skills overy enemy ,that becomes too easy , unless you don't have something in front of you... , like most of the time you use to have , so starting a fight with an object in front of you , like minions or something , is always feeling so bad , because it just blocks all your chances for you to hit abilitys on your oponnent and kill it , which lands to what i will say next. So in conclusion , my personal thoughts are that , dota 2 have a much more funny to play enviroment , much more easy to master a champion and have fun , much less frustrating enviroment , much more equal chances of win (because you know every skill of your team mates will be hit on your enemy , and they have no excuses for missing them, until they not select a creep) , so i credit dota 2 for being better than league of legends ! , i honestly loved the early years ,where the 2 developers programmers of dota 2 work for league of legends to provide us this game , but the legacy and them work been push to a garbage enviroment to learn and play into ... , everything tends to be mechanical ,which brings too much frustration , you need skill everywhere , to take farm ,objectives,to stay alive ,to kill your oponnents , to take them low hp or close to death , to catch them to launch a team fight , is overhelming for a new player , i have no doubt that this is the problem ,which occurs every day when you meet low gameplay out of diamond/challenger/master/grandmaster tiers... , rest of 80% of this game have to deal with having luck or not when aiming to kill someone or having luck to catch them abilitys and win the game.. , is just feels ridiculous bad ... , i honestly notice today very quick , after asking myself when this game become a skill shot aiming simulator... , is not cs-go ... , is moba , you have spells , not everything must be a skill shot. Everything i seen recently is skill aiming simulator ,every champion needs for you to predict where is your target moving and what is doing .. ,yummi q/r , sylas e r also aiming ability... , because he steal skillls and most of them are like that, zoe , senna, aphelios . And i bet seth is same , and fiddlestick rework will be into skillshot turned , or if they read this maybe will change something...
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