Is Shyvanna viable at the moment?

I just wanted to check before I waste more time, I've spent all day trying different builds trying to make her work and I just can't find one that actually works. They all seem to suggest bloodrazor first.. but I don't even see why as theres a limit on how long W stays up with AAs and being a melee with no slows and a W you need to use as a gap closer most of the time it doesn't seem to have any benefit, all it seems to do is make her squishy. So I tried building tanky items thinking maybe that'd help.. and you know what it doesn't she still seems pretty squishy but now with less damage and still no ability to get close to people. So I thought frozen mallet! she clearly has huge issues getting close enough to hit anybody with her AA which is all she really has as her CDs at to long to be used more than once in most fights anyway... nope doesn't work either you just have no damage and only heal as a tanky stat so you end up behind anyway as her clear seems awful unless you get tiamat first. So I thought, as you are basically locked into Tiamat first as you can't clear an AOE camp without recalling without it maybe Ravenous first will work! NOPE still nothing. Just.. what are you meant to do? is she just broken and waiting for a buff? does she just not work at all in the cluster F of normal games and requires more ordered sensible games to work? is there a way to gank with her besides ganking lanes that have the CC for you as you have non without using W to try and get ahead of them for R? (which even then always seems to knock them out of my reach...) Just.. I just don't get it... I mean I'm edging toward she's useless as looking up builds has been a struggle as nobody seems to play her at higher ranks, but you do see the occasional person actually play her so there must be SOME way to make her work, I'll be damned if I can figure out what it is though.
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