Riot call me when my lose streak is over cause am done losing games for your matchmaking algorithm

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Or even better you call me when you finaly deleted that obvious matchmaking algorithm of yours that takes us from winning streak to losing streak with always the same pattern that we can clearly identify on every ones history. I know you claim its psychological but FACTS are there and there can be no massive halucination whatsoever about it. If i wanted to gamble i would just go in a casino, what i want with your game is tryhard some esport not gambling on a "dodge or not" according to my teamates history. Proper games where you can feel the stakes, that your skill level and decision making will impact the result of it. Not some "okay my jgl is 3 levels behind my adc is 100 cs behind" there is nothing to do but wait for it to end and "hope" for a better team next game. But thats the point "hope" is RnG and RnG is not esport. Right now most games are decided by the biggest level difference you have on a lane you could actualy play while watching some anime or first time a champ or try hard as if your life depends on it that wont change anything your top laner or else is still gonna hard stomp or get hard stomped and the end result will remain just the same. The Community has been complaining about both matchmaking and report system for ages now i think its about time you realize and ADMIT that there is clearly something going very wrong about it and do something or you may as well start closing servers.
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