Miss Fortune and many other champs need a voice update ASAP

Down Among The Dead Men - Universe of League of Legends
Bilgewater's White Wharf had earned its name thanks to the layer of bird waste covering it from end to end, which was only to be expected at a resting place for the dead.
With this new short story, Riot clearly show us Miss Fortune under a new light, a cold-blood and ruthless bounty hunter ready to go to any length in order to accomplish her goals. Now in game Miss Fortune have only few voice line who makes her sound more like a sex-symbol with boobs and guns and i think a good voice update will be perfect for her. Not to mention that Miss Fortune is part of that group of champions who still mention the summoners in their voice lines, and who could get a nice brand new voice-over to fit their new updated lore. Let me know your opinion or champ you would like to see with a new voice. Cause we don't think much about it but the voice of a champ is actually really important.
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