Worst Update Ever..... Is League of legends try to survive ???

To Riot games . . . U Guys try to make this game better , but u forget this facts that player are playing this game bcs its LEAGUE OF LEGENDS not some normal online battle arena ,Why u try to change this . . . this is the worst update ever . Is this the jungle we know ? is this the game We played ? is this LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ? I dont think so . . . i have a request , Pls remove this plants from jungle , they dont belong there. New TALON REWORK ? what is this MIRROR EDGE ? Try to Make this game better , dont Ruin this . So many players quite this game bcs of some useless changes and nonesence reworks, Assassins update and 2017 season is the worst changes ever , Dont make ur players to quit this game . Bring LEAGUE OF LEGENDS BACK AGAIN !!!
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