_Sry for Caps on Title _ The new Kata is terribly, even if you mastered her, she is garbage. Even one of the best OTP Kata players (Katlife) says even the old one is better and when experienced players watch his games the Kata cant do anything and loses the games even if shes feeded because shes passively always behind and cant do nothing. Jump and Back ...... only Noobs thinks this works! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD55o2LYTynwAp5JomjsEow And when you're with the new Kata Behind, she sucks twice as much more than the old because less burst is present. People always get out of Ulti or interrupt them. Which Kata had ever been able to enjoy the full 2.5 seconds? Also, the new Kata can not make any more Pentas. The new Q Range RIP. She is stiffly and without escaping. Which Noob is standing next to her daggers? She is like Yasuo heavily tied to Lane vassals and no longer as free as the wind. The new W is the biggest nerf, just as influenced by the passive that has got a hidden nerf. This is not a Katarina anymore! We want our Katarina back! For those who have put in so much time and love or have bought all skins! We want her back!
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