Summoners Rift Color /// VERY IMPROTANT /// Serious health problems!!!

My first look at normal game Summoners Rift was pretty horrible. Nothing against the new HUD, evene though i rlly dont like it. BUT ... Riot made a huge change to the color of the map. I thought i got colorblind mode on, but after checking it is just the normal color now. After playing 10 min on the map my eyes did start runing tears. This effect was caused by the new bluish filter they did lay over the whole map (minimap included). I dont know why u did this. I can`t play longer then 30 min before i have to take a rest because i got tears in my eyes and getting headech. What have you done to the game. Please tell me how to get rid of this new colorfilter. It does make it impossible for me to play.

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