AP Shaco concerns

Hello. I am wondering about something, and I can't help myself not to ask about it. It is about a champion Shaco. I've been playing him for quite some time now. The most fun I had with him, was when i played him as an AP carry, but since Patch 7.13, and changing his E to deal physical AP Shaco feels weaker than ever before and honestly, that bothers me a lot. I think Riot should intervene, at least in next 2-3 patches, and show some love to their champion, and to us, fans of funny builds and funny ways to play of course. It doesn't have to be a change on his E that got changed to physical damage, it can be any buff on any spell, for example, a little bit of AP bonus damage on Shaco's Q, after he goes out of Stealth, his next basic attack, can deal a little bit more of AP damage. What do you think?
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