Fizz's Q Needs An Ratio Buff

Fizzes Q is in dire of a ratio buff, he currently has been so nerfed that it pretty much has no scaling and serves littler to no purpose but to gap close and apply on hits, it could use with its ratio being buffed up again to 60% like it use to be before they made fizz into an AD champion, then changed him back into AP but didn't compensate him with proper AP buffs. Currently fizz seems to far better early or mid game than he will late cause late game his only really damage ability is his E which is meant to be his escape ability so he really has nothing that allows him to do his damage, he has such low scaling now, his Q could really use with beeing a much higher ratio to make it actually do some damage late game. For example if you have 500 AP his Q will only do 245 damage, (plus AD so +100) 345 damage from an ability late game where you have 500 AP is awful, just awful that is stupidly low for any ability and only really gets its damage from the fact it can be used to proc lich bane.

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