Zoe needs an buff

I'm a main Zoe and I have several problems with the champion 1. She doesn't do dmg anymore 2. Her Q seems to just affect the front and the minions behind gets 1/3 of the DMG 3. Her Q is just and normal ability there's no point to hit the Q from far away 4. You deal +- with an combo E+R+Q+AA does 1/3 dmg 5. I mean the E effect isn't that strong anymore, it kinda does 1.25x Dmg from the Q (feels like) 6. Her E cooldown is a little bit too long because you can't do the combo Q+E+R+Q 7. A lot of combos from Zoe is gone 8. Her W content drop rate is now over 40% for blue smite (assumption) because I got 7x Smite in a 19:50 Game{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} Zoe is struggling right now {{champion:142}} The Pick rate from Zoe is now only 3% The Win rate from Zoe is 40% Riot made Zoe unplayable
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