@Meddler I think other toplane mains with myself included would agree that Fiora is a pain.

I would like to start of by saying I have been a toplaner for probably well over a year now. I have encountered numerous metas and thus matchups, but I don't think I have ever felt so violated and helpless playing against Fiora. I can't stress enough the hatred I have for the champion. If the player playing Fiora has any basic knowledge with Fiora's kit they will make a mockery of you in lane. I don't only have problems with her W which to me seems to have almost the same function as Yasuo's windwall, but also her unfair ability to trade in lane. The fact that she can Q you to proc her passive(Which obviously does max HP true damage), then E which slows you + the second auto attack is a guaranteed crit while walking away with a free trade because of the movement speed the vital hit gives her. I'd like to hear what you personally think about the champion and if there will be any potential nerfs for her in the future since Darius is looking to get a nerf in the upcoming patch I think it would only be fair to tune Fiora down a bit too.

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