The 10 champions you hate the most

Not 'the 10 strongest champions' but the 10 that makes you want to ragequit the hardest. If you wanted, you could elaborate on the top 3 10 Kalista 9 Caitlyn 8 Gnar 7 Teemo 6 Lux 5 Ezreal 4 Jayce 3 Riven, because it feels like it's her game to loose, not mine to win. If she excecutes her dumb combo perfectly well I will loose 100% of the time. My only window for victory is when she messes up 2 Nidalee, for similar reasons as Riven, she's a mean-mean bully that can get away with any dumb sh*t she's done. Her playstyle is aggravating. 1 MOTHERF***ING KARMA!!! This one is personal, and the hatred began when I faced Karma top as Jax. It was the most infuriating experience ever, she would poke me indefinitely and if I tried to trade back or all in I always came out worse than her. Everything about her is annoying, her dumbass q poke, her stupid shield-speedboost, the tethered I-get-all-my-life-back-and-you-get-rooted-you-fool ability, her excruciating stupid fake-wannabe Buddhist quotes (Always trust your spirit? Really? Did you read that on instagram?) and the fact that whomever plays her, probably plays her a lot so it will be hard. I don't think she's crazy strong, but she makes my blood boil like no other. That's my top 10, what are yours?

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